Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 New Year's Wishlist

Most Every girl loves making wish lists. If you don't write them down, you constantly have a list memorized in your head. Don't deny it. It's what makes us girls. However, there is always that dream item that stays on your lists for months, and eventually months turn into years. For whatever reason you've been putting it off, there comes the time that you finally decide to set some money aside and buy the darn item. Let's face it, nobody likes a (wish list) hoarder. So below I have a made a list of items that I have wanted, but have put off, for one year or more.


If you see me on a regular basis, you would've figured out that I do not own a pair of jeans that fit me properly. Not only are most of them worn or the color is severely faded, but they are all unforgivingly loose in the bottom and waist area. It is not a flattering look. If you are 5'8" with no hips or derrière, cheap jeans are not an option for you. As a new years resolution to myself, I promised myself that I would do myself the favor of splurging on some well-fitting denim.


I want: Canon EOS t3i

I've always enjoyed taking pictures. Sadly my family has not caught onto this because, sadly, they hate taking pictures. Yet, after our last trip to London I have decided that I am going to save up for a Canon EOS t3i by myself. Chasing people around with a poor quality iPhone 4 camera is just not cutting it. Unflattering lighting and grainy pictures is not something that I'd care to look back on.


I want: Daniel Wellington, Classic St. Andrews Lady watch

OK. I have been dying for this watch for a good two years now. It's clear that the $225 price should no longer be an objection to me. You might ask: Why would any young adult in the 21st century need a watch!? Trust, there have been several times when I have been without a phone and wished that I had the time on my wrist. And for left-brained folk, like me, knowing the time at all hours of the day is essential.