Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Countdown to Zero [Days of Summer]

Today is Monday.
Meaning that I have exactly three more weeks until starting my second fall semester at SFSU.
Where did the summer go!?
It went where all of my other fun memories went... in the past :(
Although my many fun outings helped my summer break fly by, I can't say that I met everything on my summer checklist.

[X] Re-read the epic poem Beowulf
[sadly, I missed this for work.] See Youngblood Hawke at Make Music Pasadena
[X] See Imagine Dragons live
[X] Celebrate my 19th birthday with close family and friends
[X] Take up swing dancing
[] Visit an art fair
[X] Visit an exhibit
[Not yet! But this Thursday I will!] Go to the beach
[X] Start cycling four days a week
[X] Perfect swimming skills

Not bad for completing more than three quarters of my summer checklist!
Normally I will only check off one!
What did you guys put on your summer checklists!?

From Milan,
With love.


  1. Oh man! I had a list of 23 things to do before I graduate and I forgot ALLLLL abt it! I'll have to pick it back up! Lol your list is great! Not too packed and you did over half! Look at you!!!

    1. I know! It's definitely good to keep things simple! Thank you so much for stopping by :)