Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Take Me to the Ball Game

I don't always go to baseball games, but when I do it better be for free!
Which is the only reason why I visited the Angel's Stadium today.
My friend, Jess, was nice enough to take Shannon and I to an Angel's game with tickets she got from her job.
What a good friend and I can't thank her enough!
Not only were the tickets free, but they were club level seats!
I'm not a baseball fan, so I'm not sure if club level seats are anything to be excited about.
However, I still pretended like they were a big deal :)

With this being my first visit to a baseball stadium since my days in summer camp I learned quite a few things:
1. You must rep your home team with their colors! (This should be obvious.)
2. If you're not wearing your teams colors (and shame on you if you're not!) make sure that you're not wearing the colors of the opposing team!
3. The rules of baseball are pretty similar to kickball :o (I know, I know that this may be evident to the average person.)
4. Baseball food is surprisingly good! Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks puh-lease!! And maybe some nachos too!
5. Baseball players are kinda good looking. OK, really good looking ;P

With or without the good food and eye-candy, the game was still fun.
Having an excuse to whoop and holler is always a good thing!
And knowing what was going on for once helped make the game more interesting :P

So, is baseball now my favorite sport?
Sorry, but no.
Would I go again with friends?
From Milan,
With love.

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